Industry-university-research corporation

Implement the strategy to develop the country by technology, promote the scientific creation

Our company which connected with the academic world closely, is the research and research cooperation unit of many higher education institutions such as Tsinghua university, Nankai university, Qingdao university of science and technology, etc. Our company has obtained” The award of Chinese corporative innovation in industry-academy-research for 2013”, which contribute to help containing the advanced and creative technology.

To Increase the speed of economic development of enterprise and society, completely use the technology of higher education, talent workers and research equipments, etc. In addition, the advanced and mature technology also could be completely used. To jointly challenge market hotpots problems that discovered by enterprise, we use our productive conditions, to implement industrialization firstly and speed up the transferring of the product from high educational institutions.

Give the fully play to our advantages, carry out and promote the technical cooperation between the higher educational institutions and our enterprise multiformly. And we will do all we can do to become the model of industry-university-research corporation.

Main content of industry-university-research corporation

Corporation model and operation system

Niutech has adopted the“Sharing the public technology service platform model”, “Sharing scientific sources( scientific literature, equipments,etc.) model ““technology development model”“technology transferring model”and other industry-university-research models.


The operational system is based on the both paries`overall industry-university-research corporation strategy. On the one hand, for the national solid waste treatment and recycling usage, scientific&technical strategy or market hotpots demand, many related experts from universities and enterprises R&D center to establish program committee as project decision-making leadership. On the other hand. For the technical difficulties during the process of marketization, Niutech usually invite related experts from universities to have academic discussions, provide effective solutions. And whats more, our company cooperates with the experts from universities for patents and productions

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