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Technical Comparison

Product Features

Product Features

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Technical Comparison

Patent Technology

Patent Technology

Niutech “ Industrial continuous waste tyre& waste plastic pyrolysis production line” has applied 60 national and 20 international PCT patents, and obtained the only full set of production line CE certification for the same industries in the world

Technical Comparison

Technical Comparison

  Continuous Pyrolysis Technology Batch Pyrolysis Technology

Single equipment throughput could reach 7500 tons/year

The maximum throughput of single equipment is 3000 tons / year

Control Methods

 Full-automatic contral (PLC programmable logic  Control)

Manual or half-automatic control

Equipment Usage Life

Over 6 years

Regular usage life is 3 years

Workers Needed

20 workers would be needed for every 10 Thousand tons of tyres per year. Low labour required

For every 10 thousand tons of waste tyres, 30 workers required, high labour required

Fuel Cost

100% recycle rate of the gas that produced from pyrolysis.

No extra energy needed during pyrolysis process

Extra fuel needed during the pyrolysis process

the gas produced from pyrolysis couldn’t be completely recycled


600 RMB actual income could be gained for each ton of waste tyre.

Disadvantage: expensive single-time input

500 RMB actual income could be gained for each ton of waste tyre.

Advantage: cheap single-time input

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