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Technical Comparison

Product Features

Product Features

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Technical Comparison

Patent Technology

Patent Technology

Technical Comparison

Technical Comparison

  Continuous Pyrolysis Technology Batch Pyrolysis Technology
Technical Process

Industrial continuous operationhas been achieved based on safe and environmental principle

Intermittently work with safety and environmental risks


Single large throughput, efficient operation

Low single throughput, inefficient operation


(Full-automatic-smart control) Less worker, low labour required

Manual or half-automatic

Equipment Usage Life

Over 8 years

Regular life-usage is less than 2 years

Fuel cost

100% recycle rate of the gas that produced from pyrolysis.

No extra energy needed during pyrolysis process

Extra fuel needed during the pyrolysis process,

the gas produced from pyrolysis couldn’t be completely recycled

Benefit Compare

High product-gain rate, high quality, better economic benefit

Low production-gain rate, worse quality, worse economic benefit

Market Persperctive

 The developmental direction was encouraged by country

Are gradually weeded out because of the environmental safety risks

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