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01 Customized service

Service overview

Niutech Environment Technology Corporation is glad to provide customized service to different scales projects. Those services are including to design and provide different capacities plants according to the clients’ demands, to design and provide different process flows and equipment configurations subject to the feedstock and target final products. We are able to visit the client’s project site and make the specific design and layout of the building and the factory based upon the site status.


02 Assist in license application

Service overview

As soon as the parties determined cooperation, Niutech will fully support and assist the client in preparing license application for installation and operation. During the process when the client submit application documents to the authority and governmental administrations, Niutech will provide technical information, building and factory layouts etc. and ensures our advanced technology and equipment has necessary qualifications to be installed (such as CE certificates in EU area). During the acceptance period, we will also available to be on site assist in acceptance if needed.

03 Equipment installation and commissioning

Service overview

After completion of manufacture according to the contract terms, we will arrange for the cargo delivery. We will provide installation plan to the client before the cargo arrives to the site. During installation period, we will dispatch engineers to the site for supervision installation and the client prepare for the installation team. The parties work together to finalize installation work within the time schedule and quality guaranteed. After completion of installation, the project is entering into commissioning and test runs period, to have steps like none-load commissioning, hot commissioning, load commissioning and performance acceptance. Both parties need to inspect together for each milestone and ensures each step is qualified with the plan and the contract terms and then enter into next step. Meanwhile, labor training is also an important step during installation and commissioning.

04 After-sale services

Service overview

After the production line received, our company will offer the technical after-sale services for customers. We will keep following the operational situation from the methods like internet plus, offering the instant and effective data analysis, troubleshooting, technical guild, etc.

05 Employee training

Service overview

In order to let the workers be familiar with the working principle, installation, equipment performance, parameter and how to adjust operational parameter, the startup of device and closing program through control system,  Our company provide full staged employee training services. Customers could independently operate equipments, parameter adjustment and routine maintenance.

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